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The WTYA Warren Hills Jr. Boys Lacrosse Organization is open for all boys Kindergarten to 8th grade. Our lacrosse program belongs to the North Jersey Junior Lacrosse League (NJJLL) and follows the guidance of our national governing body, US Lacrosse. Our athletes will develop skills, grit, strength and experience up until 8th grade, preparing our players to compete at the high school level. All players in the Warren Hills sending districts are encouraged and welcomed to join our organization, including Washington Township, Washington Boro, Oxford, Mansfield and Franklin. We look forward to meeting you and joining the fastest growing sport on two feet.   Our program is certainly special and we look at this as a community and welcome all with open arms.


Helmet - preferably blue or white          Stick - Regulation size          Shoulder pads           Elbow pads          Gloves          Mouth guard          Cleats          Protective cup


Fees cover our use of playing fields, coaches training, tournaments, certification and background checks and game day materials such as goals, balls and first-aid kits.  Additionally, the fees cover the cost of the NJJLL league dues and referee's payments as well as the WTYA insurance and infrastructure contributions.  Fees also cover the costs of our year-end picnic with food.  Registration Fees vary based on grade level, please see below.

Grades K-2: FREE

Grades 3-8: $150

‚Äč WTYA Warren Hills Jr. Boys Lacrosse program want every interested child to be able to participate in our sports.  Should you require financial assistance, simply request a private and confidential Scholarship within the registration process and/or reach out to the program Director.  If there are families with more than 2 kids registering for the program, please reach out to the Director.  Any family with more than 2 children entering the program will be free.  

We have not raised the registration cost in many years.  We still allow for the K - 2nd grade to play for free.  However, we still incur the costs for sports engine and the league.  We also have to pay for the fields and equipment.  This is all covered by the fundraising so it is very important to participate.

We also offer an option to purchase your own uniform personalized with name and number of choice (as long as that number is available).  This is not mandatory as we can provide you a uniform for free.

We also have equipment rentals if you prefer to do that over purchasing equipment.  Bond checks for equipment and uniforms are collected with a post date.  They are returned to you when the items are turned back in.



All players must have an active membership with the US Lacrosse Organization. To sign up or complete your annual renewal, please revise the US Lacrosse Membership Link at Select “Youth Player” ($25.00) and Group ID: 2336343 (Warren Hills Junior Lacrosse), and select “Make Primary”.


All our coaches are generous and committed volunteers who are dedicated to the kids safety and development.  Each must go through background checks, the Rutgers SAFETY training program and Positive Coaching Alliance clinics as well as completion by our head coaches of the US Lacrosse Level I Coaching Education Program (CEP).  We further encourage our coaches to attend local and regional lacrosse training programs and to earn continuing education credits online.  For enhanced player on-field care, we support attendance at general first-aid, concussion awareness and CPR courses.


Registration opens January 1st and runs through the 2nd Saturday in February.

Practices begin March 1st.  Approximately 2 practices per week which is up to the head coach.

Season begins March 25th and ends June 4.  Games are mostly played in April & May.  7th/8th grade playoffs begin around the 3rd week of May with the Championship game being the 1st weekend in June.  The All-Start game is also this weekend.

Each team will get at least 10 scheduled games and 1 tournament during the season.  Increase in each depends on the fundraising.  Games last approximately 1 hour and tournaments will be several hours.  Coaches will have players arrive early prior to each event.

We utilize sports engine as our communication format for all the teams.

We utilize several different locations for practice and game such as Pacesetter field, Meadow Breeze park, Comcast field and the Warren Hills Stadium turf.  All are located in or close to Washington.  We travel to play multiple away games during the season.

A team store is open at the beginning of each season to purchase team merchandise.  We also do a main fundraiser for the program.

We have an end of the season party collectively for all our teams.  

The Registration "Boys Lacrosse" is not currently available.

2023 Coaches registration

Click and follow the link to register as a coach for the spring 2023 season