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Jim Schlessinger, Co-Director and Head Coach 7/8 and Head Coach Little Lady Laxers

Trey Sergeant, Assistant Coach 7/8

Steve Sozanski, Head Coach 5/6

Joe Nemeth, Head Coach 3/4

Jennifer Nemeth, Assitant Coach 3/4

Ellie North, Assistant Coach 3/4



Curtis Roth, Head Coach 7/8

Tim Shanahan, Assistant Coach 7/8

Brian Mchenry, Assistant Coach 7/8

Ken Sturm, Head Coach 5/6

Tom O'Neil, Assistant Coach 5/6

John Healey, Assistant Coach 5/6

Chris Salamon, Assistant Coach 5/6

Clayton Graba, Head Coach 3/4

Stephanie Lange, Assistant Coach 3/4

Lloyd Tiger, Head Coach Little Laxers and 2

Bob Wooley, Assistant Coach Little Laxers and 2

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